We have been moved out with great collection of Arties in Hindi and English. You can also play these arties during your Pooja and listen them whenever you want to connect with Lord Ganesha/During Puja/ New Start Lord Ganesh will bless you for sure. This Aarti Sangrah also has collection of popular arties (devotional songs) of various Indian gods and goddesses. Just download and play Aarties as well as read it in Hindi/English languages.
Aarti sangrah is all about the great collection of chalishas, mantra, shrotas and other prayers of Lord Ganesha, Lord Hanuman, Goddess Laxmi, Goddess Durga, Lord Ram, Lord Shiv, Lord Krishana including other gods and goddess.
This release is devoted for Lord Ganesh and made especially for chaturthi.

Lord Ganesha is widely revered as the remover of obstacles and more generally as Lord of Beginnings, a patron of arts and sciences, and the Deva of intellect and wisdom. AartiSangrah

Effect provided in this application.
1. You can change the different font styles/sizes of aarti’s text.
2. Hindi/English both version of arti’s text are available.
3. Short description of different deities.
4. Attractive media player.
5. No need to stay on internet.

Please leave us feedback, rating and ideas to enhance this app in future.

Aarti Sangrah is recieving immense popularity among the peoples of international world and you also like it once getting downloaded. Install now the best Aarti Sangrah Application on your android phone.
Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vit.AartiSangrah


Spell Wiz- Android Game

Spell Wiz

Spell wiz is a best fun, education game for kids under 12 years. Explore your Kids’ knowledge with spells and math calculations. This app is fun filled, entertaining & interactive for kids alongside motivating them to learn the spell and math calculations. Enhance your childrens vocabulary and math with this scramble game.

This is best game for your children to build his vocabulary and it’s free for you. While having fun your children is master in math calculation and vocabulary.

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vit.spellbee

M Draw Lite

MDraw lite - Drawing Tool (Android)

“MDRAW lite” is a drawing tool for any age; let your imagination take shape while you are on the go. Do not let your artist wait for painting tool, this application allows you to create advance level of art/graphics.

1. A canvas with your fingers as brushes.
2. Adjust the colors, brush size, brush type, opacity as per need.
3. Load images directly from your camera or gallery and have fun with a bit of customization.
4. Let the world know about your artwork with integrated sharing via email and facebook.
Take a look at the following screenshots to see some of million possibilities you can do with this app.”

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vit.drawablecanvas#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDIxMiwiY29tLnZpdC5kcmF3YWJsZWNhbnZhcyJd



Fureddy.com is dedicated to providing the best online platform available for the exchange of automobiles, auto related products and auto services. Our focus is to provide buyers and sellers a simple interface that is quick and easy to use without all the flashy, busy and unnecessary clutter. To this end, Fureddy.com carefully took into consideration what is most important to both buyers and sellers.

Vincent IT  has bring client’s vision into reality. This website and mobile application is offering 6-In-1 features , You can find great cars as well as related products through our smart match and smart search.

Most of the website you will find just on cars  and if you need related parts for example  1970 Impala, books , merchandise etc then you need to search a lot and also no possibilities of verification whether this product will go with your make and model. If you are a car lover then it become more important to get authentic and right parts or merchandise .

We have developed backend (MYSQL) in a way that while adding products , our system automatically creates intelligent mapping with related categories for example parts , books , merchandise.
Duration : 3000 man hours
Tech: PHP, MYSQL, AJAX, iOS, Objective C, Android etc.


MIS for Land Request (Govt. Client):

Any agency can request land from govt. This system has made manual to paperless and automated process and reduced the approval time from 3-4 months to few days. Agency can request land in one region or more than one reason . It has complex approval process where application goes to many departments horizontally and vertically. Once Land get approved , agency need to provide land in exchange along with money to develop the new land.
Each Region need to provide estimate of expense which goes vertically for approval and on approval money get assigned to each region. Each region need to update daily expenses in the estimate which will be tracked and reported to govt.

Vincent IT has done end-2-end analysis, development , deployment and support. This project is still live with enhancement in progress.
Duration : 10000 man hours
Tech: .Net,C#, SharePoint , Silverlight , Ajax , Windows 7 etc.



Vincent IT Design and Developed DEBT Calculator for iPhone and iPad Apps its provides guidance and tool to plan about managing DEBT in better way. This Calculator provides in depth, analysis about installment and duration it may take for a person looking for new debt or struggling with current debt.

Today, most Americans are facing growing debt, little or no savings, inadequate income, and no plans for their financial future. Surveys indicate that more than half of all divorces are a result of financial tension in the home. Others may be financially sound, but suffocating materialism has robbed them of their spiritual vitality. They are not spending their resources in eternally significant ways. Fortunately, God truly cares about your financial freedom and the Bible has the answers to financial difficulties.

Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/usa-vs-debt/id479820943?mt=8#



We have been Developed LinkSync Application. This application through user can see his bookmarks on his iphone where these bookmarks are saved on his gmail account as document in xml format which are uploaded using a plugin. He can edit or delete it in his iphone and save them back by synchronize it to gmail account.

LinkSync application will allow user to view his bookmarks saved on his computer in his iphone.

  • lTime Needed To Complete: 10 days(Iphone Part)
  • lThis Application is a Tab based having 3 tabs showing different informations.


When it comes to mobile application development, our experience and expertise in different technologies in web development as well as in mobile application development, makes us provide not only the best product and consultancy to the customer, but the best solution to their business requirements as well.

We have been developed android based application for EMS Tv. Using latest technology, we have developed the application that is capable of streaming videos smoothely at a comparitively lower bandwidth where most of the well known apps fail, at the same time keeping the application lighter at the user's end. User can watch latest news videos provided in different categories like - Top Viewed, Top videos etc. User can opt for a more comprehensive search that gives user the flexibility to filter the search based on state name, district name, categories to search for and keyword.

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=My.proj.emstv


Mortgage calculator is an adroid based application that helps you to determine loan information when purchasing, financing or refinancing.It Calculates mortgage parameters including monthly payment, interest and principal and also lets you know early payoff data.
User can also see a graphical representation of the results. Gives you information on your current mortgage as well as your new mortgage in case you refinance and gives the result where you can compare the two.this calculator computes an estimate of the size of your monthly loan payments for four loans. You can also use it to compare the monthly payment rate, monthly and annual difference for different loan amounts, interest rates and terms.

Project Description @ EMS TV

We have been chosen over 20 companies who has submitted their proposal to develop a solution for NEW CHANEEL over web. This website has been developed in 2 languages and we set-up all their front end and back end system, including hosting server, Adobe flash server, file conversion and streaming of news over the web.

Each and every component of www.EMSTV.in has been developed by ourselves.

Project Description @ m.emstv.in

When streaming was feature on high range mobile but we developed India's first mobile website with video streaming features which really work on many low range mobiles. This is first application which is being used by reporter. They shoot news by their mobile and upload directly from mobile and it get posted in website. Ems is getting live news from across the India and we have managed tons of flies flowing to server and without impacting website performance over internet and mobile

We saved lots of money and hassle in hiring different company for different solution, our team has great skills and hands on knowledge which know what set of technology will work for
We have done months and months of testing to make sure streaming work in most of smart phones. This project is also unique in nature as it is creating different jobs in village level.

Android Solution to M.P Govt :

Here we have developed solution to provide work allocation to group of engineers . Allow to create estimates and Measure Books against the assigned work. It has work flow option as well. Data Entry , Approver and Reviewer roles are given , reviewer can review the data and make the changes if needed. System maintain offline data with GEO locations to stop wrong entries. System provide strong feature to synchronize with server . Optimized Synchronize process where user can choose to send data and/or images of the location. This data then directly map to Google map. Any given point people can see the most recent update related to any work going in Panchayat Level and Block Level. Help Govt to get real time accurate data and reduce management and operation cost significantly .


  • Synchronization
  • Work
  • Estimate
  • M.B Screen

Travel Solution for Mobile

We Have indepth knowledge and expertise of Travel Domain for example Air Tickets, Hotel reservation, Cruise, Packages, Last Minutes Deal, Online Deal.

Our Customers in US, Europe and Middle East, Africa and Asia are successfully using our mobile and web application travel solution. Our Clients are Air International, Indian Cheapfare and other.

Project Description @ LetsFilmIT

Unique project from Hollywood Director, we have created world first project to encompass every aspect of entertainment. Due to its unique nature it is very confidential project. We have done end-2-end architecture, development, hosting, mobile development and support. Phase has been rolled out and due to some agreement it is not open for public. HBO has invested $250K. We have developed customized video player , audio player and solution to stream video and audio. This project is very fast and we are using high quality video and audio streaming.

Project Description @ Netflix:

Worked with Netflix team in developed components for their rental website, our team developed shipping part of website. When customer completes adding movies into the cart then it sent to shipping module. Team has integrated USPS module which indentify each zip code and tell user to select shipping method from USPS, FedEx, UPS etc
Vincent It had developed content management system and reports for managing movies, user's level access, payment etc. Team has played development, testing and support role in many modules of Netflix. Integrated PayPal, Google checkout payment gateway to user rental module Please note: here our team along with other contactors works.

Project Description @ HumTumCity.com:

Radio Channel in Dallas, Houston, Austin and Atlanta we have been IT partner for past 4 years and we have developed many solutions for their company. Developed mobile application to listen live audio on the mobile phones (Windows, Android, Black berry and iPhone)

Court Solution for U.S District @iPhone:

In Virginia District user can check case status, Lawyer Schedule, Court Schedule, Pay Fee etc.