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How to develop applications for multiple platforms using PhoneGap Android
This demo fetcing contacts from device using html and javascript code that using DroidGap API for common platform. here javascript is used for cross-platform communication from web page and device. ...
Posted By: Shakti Rajpal Date: 25 Jan 2012 View: 1273
Create a custom view component that load UI from xml file Android
Custom component is a class that extends a base class to add extra functionality; here I am extending linear layout to add view from xml file to create a component that show classified detail.

One of the best thing of create custom controls are that, custom component can be reused in more than one application or more than one time in a single application, this reusable component approach for developing application reduces development time and improves program capability and quality. Custom control is a self program like any other class, but it is used as component that has user interface. ...
Posted By: Shakti Rajpal Date: 02 Dec 2011 View: 1236
Apply transparency and press/rollover effect on buttons to make your UI more attractive Android
You can easily create transparent buttons and apply effect for button press, rollover and other events using this sample. Here I am also using texture to make my buttons more attractive; button texture should be of same color as background image for proper look and feel. ...
Posted By: Shakti Rajpal Date: 02 Dec 2011 View: 1242
Dynamically load/switch multiple Views from XML file in an activity and perform operation on it. Android
You can create number of portals using a single activity using this approach, suppose if you want to develop a social networking site and you need friend list, recent updates, menu options, chat etc. you don’t need to create separate activity class for this purpose. You only need to add or switch views in your main activity class using one or more containers and perform action on it. ...
Posted By: Shakti Rajpal Date: 02 Dec 2011 View: 1162
Using array of objects with spinner, listview etc to easily get related attributes of record when selecting an item Android
Most of the developer using string values with array adapter to show in list controls like Spinner, ListView etc. This is fine but a record has number of attributes so it is very difficult to retrieve related information of record specially when selected an item from the data bound controls like spinner using onItemSelected or similar events. For example if a spinner contains list of country, so we need “country id” of selected country to fill state spinner.

In this snippet you can learn how to easily get corresponding related record information. Here “product name” will show in spinner and when you select a “product name” from spinner. You will also get their product id, code, price etc. ...
Posted By: Shakti Rajpal Date: 02 Dec 2011 View: 1391
Animating and controlling the views using the view flipper Android
In my previous example, you had learn how to load views using the addView method of container like LinearLayout etc. you can also use view flipper to switch views (xml layout) in same activity and perform operation on any components inside any views.
Here I am using translate animation and accelerate interpolator classed to provide transaction effect while switching views. ...
Posted By: Shakti Rajpal Date: 01 Dec 2011 View: 1161
Asynchronously open and use local SQL Lite database using Flex Mobile Project Android
Sometime when dealing with large amount of data, asynchronous connection will never lock the user interface. This demo opens the SQL Lite database in asynchronous mode and performs operation on it. ...
Posted By: Shakti Rajpal Date: 28 Nov 2011 View: 1116
How to create custom container for flex mobile project using flash CS5.5 Android
Lots of containers are already available in flex mobile project but they are limited for some functionality like rich graphics layout, transparency, animation and visual effect. They are only treating as bucket for your entire components. You can create custom container to add above functionality for designing rich graphic application using flash, you can use any flash functionality like frame-by-frame animation, vector graphics, motion tweens, transaction effect and also action script code etc to create flex container ...
Posted By: Shakti Rajpal Date: 27 Nov 2011 View: 1263
How to access web objects values from web page in android application using java script Android
In this program you can learn how to access or deal with web objects using java script in your android application. You can simply cross communicate between java script in web page and android to exchange data ...
Posted By: Shakti Rajpal Date: 21 Nov 2011 View: 1266
How to download binary contents using http protocol Android
In this program you can learn how to connect and open http stream using http protocol to download binary data like image, text file etc. The program decode the binary stream in bitmap form to display an image from a web server ...
Posted By: Shakti Rajpal Date: 19 Nov 2011 View: 1163