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Menus In COCOS2D And How To Put Them Under The Process Iphone/iPad
Menus in the Cocos2d is a must have topic and you really need bypassing through, if you are conducting any kind of development over it. An impressive menu over the screen spreads your imagination in far better way over the entire marketplace. ...
Posted By: Sunil Raghuwanshi Date: 09 Sep 2013 View: 1503
Fundamental Classes in COCOS2D Game Engine Iphone/iPad
Being mastered with the languages platform is really an edge of knife thing and same implies when you are going to do something excellent or just trying to write a game on to it. Well, it is but if you are giving your ears in few parts, you will really perform into the field gratefully. ...
Posted By: Sunil Raghuwanshi Date: 02 Sep 2013 View: 1377
Understanding Memory Leaks and Memory Management within an App Iphone/iPad
To execute any program quite efficiently, some essentials play quite crucial role and memory management is among these. However, it is not so far easy but if everything is done in proper manner, you can save a lot more time while the development of any excellent program. ...
Posted By: Sunil Raghuwanshi Date: 26 Aug 2013 View: 1481
How To Start Writing A Game With COCOS2D Part - II Iphone/iPad
Being mastered in cocos2d programming and start writing a game via codes is really critical and require you to keep engaged for a lot more time by just browsing through the properties and other essentials to acknowledge. ...
Posted By: Sunil Raghuwanshi Date: 19 Aug 2013 View: 1456
How To Start Writing A Game With COCOS2D Iphone/iPad
Cocos2d by the name is an open source 2d game framework and it is not much hard to start writing game into it. However, it also requires a bit of alertness and awareness with its basic concepts and if you are one with a sound knowledge of it, you will definitely be succeeded. ...
Posted By: Sunil Raghuwanshi Date: 04 Aug 2013 View: 1394