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Showing Splash Screen In Android App Using Frame Animation Android
Splash screens are mostly used to drag more user attention and to add a great illusive look over the application being used ahead in the context. However, it is not easy to use it but you need to be mastered in to use it properly within your applications. ...
Posted By: Narendra Yadav Date: 13 Aug 2013 View: 2749
Android Custom Camera Using Texture View with Some Effect. Android
A Textureview is a public class among android APIs and it is being exceedingly used to reproduce some innovative results. However, a texture view is only compatible with android 4.0 and its major versions, if any. ...
Posted By: Narendra Yadav Date: 06 Aug 2013 View: 6912
How to use TestFlight in android ? Android
TestFlight is an over-the-air platform where developer and tester sections are available. With the developer section, a developer can develop their apk and further uploads it among team members and testers can test the uploaded apk as per the recommendations of developer on another end. ...
Posted By: Narendra Yadav Date: 30 Jul 2013 View: 2525
How to show map using Google android map api v2? Android
The Google Maps API for Android provides developers with the means to create apps with localization functionality. Version 2 of the Maps API was released at the end of 2012 and it introduced a range of new features including 3D, improved caching, and vector tiles. ...
Posted By: Narendra Yadav Date: 13 Jul 2013 View: 2482
Android Cocos2d game Development Tutorial : Part-1 Android
Cocos2D is a fantastic library / game engine for numerous platforms from PCs to smart phones. It supports the vast majority of the features necessary to make almost any 2D-based game, it even includes a fully-featured physics engine! ...
Posted By: Narendra Yadav Date: 06 Jul 2013 View: 2097
Tutorial on Cocos2d-Android with game example Android
Developing game is a real fun. Recently I’m working with cocos2d-android engine. I think it’s a very cool game developing engine. In this text I will introduce you to the essential building block of cocos2d-android game engine. ...
Posted By: Narendra Yadav Date: 23 Jun 2013 View: 1513
how to handle in soap parsing in android? Android
A few months ago I was engaged into working with soap parsing in Android and I created an application that will communicate with the server via .NET SOAP web services, but I soon found out that I will need a library to do. Firstly I used ksoap2-android-assembly-2.4-jar-with-dependencies.jar for sending and retrieving data from server but after some time when I accessed a huge amount of data form server then I suffered with for remove that exception and also used header in my webservices, So I used new version of KSoap library ksoap2-android-assembly-2.5.8-jar-with-dependencies.jar. ...
Posted By: Narendra Yadav Date: 15 Jun 2013 View: 7911
Android Adding Search Functionality to ListView Android
Adding search functionality to listview will filters the list data with a matching string, hence provides user an easy way to find the information he needs. In this tutorial i am discussing how to enable search filter to android ListView. ...
Posted By: Narendra Yadav Date: 08 Jun 2013 View: 2469
Why we use scheduler in cocos2d Instead NStimer of cocoa(NSTIMER vs SCHEDULAR). Iphone/iPad
In Cocos2d-iPhone different ways for tracking time in game.The easy way to manage time in a Cocos2d IOS game is to use a CCLayer’s scheduleUpdate or schedule methods. Both methods are described blow of that. The guide also explains why you should try to avoid using iOS’s NSTimer class.If use NSTimer so we can not handle Pause and resume. ...
Posted By: Narendra Yadav Date: 20 Apr 2013 View: 1524
how can i scan barcode in android. Android
if we want to scan barcode and get detail about that then using barcode scanner we can do this. In this article using RedLaser library we scan barcode of different type. ...
Posted By: Narendra Yadav Date: 13 Apr 2013 View: 1834